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Workshops, Series & Specialty Classes

In addition to our schedule of drop-in classes, Center Studio offers Workshops, Series and Specialty Classes that address the needs of special populations interested in deepening their yoga practice or taking their workout to another level. To register visit the studio or sign-up online by via the Programs tab.
Note: These classes require a minimum students to start. Pre-registration is required.

Flow “Fun”damentals with Flower Grosskopf
The definition of Vinyasa is union, the union of breath and movement. Bringing the FUN to fundamentals, this six week series we will break down and fine tune the poses of Sun Salutations while focusing on transitions and investigate how the breath can drive your practice. If you have burning questions about proper alignment of any poses, this is the class for you!
This class is great for all levels of student looking to refine their practice. The intimate size of the class gives an opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of:
• physical poses (asanas)
• principles of breathing (pranayama)
• vinyasa (sun salutations)
Expect movement, not only stretching. Equal focus on flexibility & strengthening.
Wednesdays • 6 Week Series
July 16 – August 20
Click the Programs tab to join us! 4 person minimum required.

Deep Stretch for Stiff Dudes
Not a yoga class but one hour of guided stretch. This dynamic flexibility class will increase range of motion and mobility. Stretching is a vital part of any exercise routine as it gives your muscles the ability to lengthen, while you relieve muscle tension, reduce the risk of injury, and allow greater freedom in all areas of the body. Plus – it feels so good! Expect to ease into lengthening while listening to The Stones, Led Zeplin, The Clash and all the other great bands you grew up with. All stiff people welcome!
Thursdays • 4 Week Series
July 17 – August 7 **note new start date**
Cost: $65
Lead by: Kimberly Kanouse
Click the Programs tab to join us! 3 person minimum required.

Yoga 101
An introductory series is a great place to begin your yoga practice. Our Yoga 101 six-week series is specially designed for anyone new to yoga or students interested in going back to the fundamentals of the practice. Basic yoga postures and breathing practices will be covered in an approachable and open environment. Completion of the series will prepare students for ongoing classes at the studio. No previous yoga experience required.
May 27 – July 1
Tuesdays **class full**
5:30 – 6:30 pm
Cost: $70 for 6 classes
Teacher: Sarah Trudeau
Click the Programs tab to join us! 3 person minimum required.

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