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Looking for movement and wellness in White Center? We have you covered!

Center Studio in the heart of the business district is an inclusive space where our community can connect. We offer All levels of Hatha based Yoga classes as well as Prenatal, Kids & Family Yoga, Workshops, and more! Our group and private mat Pilates classes will strengthen your inner core all while giving you peace of mind. To round out your fitness routine, Above the Barre combines ballet, yoga, pilates, and strength training to work your mind and body. Our drop-in fitness dance classes complement your mat practice, with increased stamina, better footwork and greater flexibility – we offer Zumba, dance ramped up for a cardio workout as well as Nia, inspired by dance, martial arts and Yoga. If having someone else work out the kinks for you or to just simply relax, we have you covered, with two massage therapists onsite. Join us on the mat in White Center, between West Seattle & Burien, or as some of us call it – Rat City.

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About the Owner
Lonjina Verdugo (pronounced Lo-hee-na) never anticipated that yoga would become part of her daily life.  In fact, exercise was a once or twice a week deal if she was lucky.  A New Mexico girl raised on green chili and sunny skies, she moved to Seattle with opportunistic dreams of life as a young Graphic Design professional.  She occasionally turned to yoga and pilates only as an experimental stress reliever of her new city life.  Since then she has realized that with regular exercise, on and off the mat, mindful movement and its underlying lessons can change you from the inside out, as well as from the outside in.

After years of her family enjoying quality time in White Center, Lonjina realized that she could provide what all of us need so close to home – a one stop shop for our bodies craving strength, sweat, and stretch, and for our stressed, anxious, occasionally overwhelmed minds.  In the Spring 2012, Lonjina launched precisely that, Center Studio in Rat City based on mindful movement, art, and community.

Event Space for Rent
Our studio is an open, light-filled space for all kinds of creative movement, from the performing arts to yoga and meditation. When we are not using it for classes, it can be used for photography and video shoots, workshops, rehearsals, classes, you name it! It is a great nontraditional space for meetings, team building, music, even birthday parties. Contact us for rates and availability.

Want a peek of our space? Check it out!

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